01 April 2020

Nothing beats the fun to be had during an Easter Egg Hunt. But, after years of tucking mallow eggs behind couch cushions and stuffing them into sock drawers, your creativity to find new hiding spots might be wearing a little thin. To help give you a few new ideas, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best spots to hide Easter eggs in each room of your home…   

It may be tricky to hide eggs in your children’s rooms if you want the Easter Bunny to visit them while they are sleeping. To make sure the Easter Bunny has enough time to pop by their room unnoticed, pre-decide where you want to hide the eggs and quickly slip into their room the next morning while they’re preoccupied with something else, like eating breakfast in the kitchen perhaps. Below are a few creative hiding spots you can use:

  • Inside a pair of knee-high boots
  • Inside a coat pocket (wear the coat for added difficulty)
  • Disguised as a toy in a toy basket
  • Inside a lampshade
  • Behind the blinds / curtains
  • Inside a pair of socks
  • Tucked into a pillowcase or duvet cover
  • Hidden inside a stuffed toy
  • Tucked under a blanket

Lounge & Study

These rooms don’t offer as many sneaky options, but there are a few spots you could try, including:

  • Hiding in a pot plant
  • Inside a tissue box
  • Under the couch cushions
  • Underneath the couch
  • Inside the TV cabinet/desk draw
  • Behind a book on the bookshelf
  • Hid among other ornaments

Kitchen / Dining Room

The kitchen and dining room offer plenty of top-notch hiding spots. You just need to be okay with your children rummaging through your food cupboard. These spots might lead to a bit of mess, so be prepared to clean up afterwards.

  • Packed in a pocket of potatoes
  • Tucked inside a coffee mug
  • Hidden in the egg carton in the fridge
  • Taped under the dining room table
  • Disguised as a fruit in the fruit
  • Inside an empty cereal box
  • Inside the washing machine
  • Inside the dishwasher

To avoid germs, you should only use well-wrapped eggs if you choose to hide eggs in the bathroom. For those brave enough to try, there are some good spots to hide your Easter Eggs, including:

  • Tucked inside the spare toilet roll
  • Hiding inside the vanity cupboard
  • Sat beside the shampoo bottles
  • Hidden behind the towels

Happy Egg Hunting!
Wherever you hide your eggs, we wish you and your family a happy and safe Easter weekend. Spread the joy by tagging us on social media if you use any of our hiding spots.
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